Anchor Publications is happy to announce the re-publication of solid, biblically-based children’s Sunday school leaflets! These leaflets, originally printed in the early 1900s, are the Sunday school leaflets that the larger publishing houses have come to consider as too conservative. These are the Sunday School leaflets that your grandparents studied from.

Anchor Publications is thrilled to be able to bring these beautifully illustrated, colorful, scripturally-accurate Sunday school materials back into circulation. All lessons include a color cover picture, full-length story, questions, text, hymn verse, catechism study lesson and activity or color page (Primary-Elementary Levels).

COMPREHENSIVE BIBLE HISTORY is available for the Junior and Senior levels. Optional, additional lesson items include craft/activity sheets for Elementary Levels and below that will involve the student further in the lesson and reinforce the message!


Beginner Level- 2 year cycle of beautifully illustrated stories to be repeated until the ages 5-7.

Primary Level- Ages 5-7 to 9 (Primary level repeats every 2 years).

Elementary Level- Ages 9 to approximately 11.

COMPREHENSIVE BIBLE HISTORY is available for those 12 on up.

PACKAGE OPTIONS: (prices are for 1 child)

Option 1 - Lesson plus Activity Sheet for each lesson (Activity sheets are designed for Beginner and Primary levels) Per Quarter, $7.25 (13 lessons ) 1 Year Sub per child $29.00 (4 complete quarters) 2 Year Sub per child $56.00 (8 complete quarters)

Option 2 - Lessons Only - No Activity sheets Per Quarter, $6.00 (13 lessons) 1 Year Sub per child $24.00 (4 complete quarters) 2 Year Sub per child $46.00 (8 complete quarters).

For special options and pricing for groups over 5 children , please contact us.